The Financial Cost of Funerals

To those who have never had to plan a funeral before, the price-tag is usually surprising. Caring for the dead should be a basic, inexpensive service in every community, but traditions and society have not made it so. If you haven’t already, make an approximate guess about how much a funeral costs before continuing to read this page.

To give you an accurate description of how much a funeral costs, we are going to point you to some real funeral homes’ General Price Lists (GPL). A GPL is an itemized list describing the costs of a funeral. In the United States, every funeral home is mandated to provide you their GPL because of the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule. Most other countries have similar protections but the GPLs are not as readily available on their websites. For simplicity, this page only includes GPLs from the US: 

Follow these 3 steps while looking through a GPL of your choice:

  1. Mark off what you would or wouldn’t want at your funeral
  2. Calculate the total cost
  3. Compare this cost to what you initially predicted: Was your prediction close? Were there aspects of a funeral you forgot about?

When you are finished, share what you learned with your buddy!

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