The Pope’s Visit & Religious Views of Green Burial

Photo credit: Reuters / Kevin LaMarque


With Pope Francis’ current visit to the US, it seems timely to consider what the religious impacts are of using green burial products like the ones that we make.

The text which has defined the Pope’s world views has been defined in the encyclical Laudato Si. There, he argues for us to save our “our common home” by and attacks greed and our “disposable view” of ecological and economic diversity.  We implores us to consider the economic and ecological impacts as we conduct our lives and exert modesty and environmental consideration.

We think what we are doing at Coeio fit quite nicely into his treatise.  What’s more, with the exception of Hinduism, Infinity Burial is compatible for most Judeo-Christian and Asian folk religions for two reasons – modest costs and active environmental technology.


1. Modest Costs

Many religions ask us to live modesty and that extends to death.  To the contrary, funerals have become too expensive. In the US, our analysis shows funeral costs have increased 41% in the last 30 years despite developments like growing use of cremation, online shopping, federal consumer protection regulation, and juggernauts like Walmart and Costco offering low-cost products.

Pricing of funerals have defied almost every law of business physics and has ballooned to a $20B+ industry.

Our products are targeted to retail for $200-$1,000, compared to average casket costs of approximately $3,000-$5,000.  What’s more, they need no use of embalming ($500-$1,500) and need no concrete vault ($2,000+).  They are built for financial modesty.

Pope Francis’ views provide a refreshing to revisit this change by encouraging all of us, not just Catholics, to consider the economic injustices of our surroundings, including funerals.


2. Active Environmental Technology: Infinity Burial

It is well-established that the Pope has said that “our common home” has been “devastated by man’s predatory relationship with nature.” If technology has accelerated deterioration of our planet, then we have to take some active steps to fix the problem.  Being passive is not enough – action requires action. 

There are 2 differences between Infinity Burial vs. regular green burials.

  1. We use organic technology to speed decomposition not just let it happen passively (which is still better than the traditional industry.
  2. Our products use proven basic science to neutralize the the growing list of toxins that are found in our bodies.


We are excited to work with clergy as we bring Infinity Burial to market, and we think we have a lot of opportunity to work together.  We are not religious scholars, and would love any feedback on these points from our community.