> Cleanses the body and soil of toxins that would otherwise seep into the environment

> Delivers nutrients from body to surrounding plant roots efficiently

> Restarts life around the body faster than normal

On top of leaving the environment better-off, Infinity Burial products:

> Are made of all natural, biodegradable material

> Use no harsh chemicals, preservatives, or processing

> Reunite the body with the earth and the ongoing cycle of life

Why Choose Coeio?

> Reduce your environmental impact via our patent-pending technology

> We plant 2 trees for every suit or shroud bought, compost our scraps, and our manufacturers are converting to using all renewable energy

> Spend far less than traditional burials, which cost more than $5000

Source: Parting.com

Our First Adopter

Dennis White, on why he chose an Infinity Burial:

“It IS the future of burial… And yours will clean the toxins as well. I’m impressed.”

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